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Self-diagnostic Tools

We have put together some diagnostic tools to help you assess capability, spot problems and identify solutions. They are compact versions of analysis tools that we use during our assignments. We are quite happy to discuss the output with you, and often use the tools during the early exploration stages of our assignments. If you provide an email address when you make your responses, we will send the detailed analysis report. Please make any comments that you have in the space provided on the questionnaire. We welcome and act on feedback to improve the tools.

Business Management Health Check: This helps you to assess your organisation's management strengths and weaknesses across key operational areas. The questionnaire is designed to be quick to carry out, but thought provoking. It covers:

Project Risk Assessment: Identify risks to change projects, both inherent to the organisation and as a result of the project. We examine projects for internal (to the project) and external (outside project control) risks.

Project Management Process Maturity: Project management can play a significant role in the way businesses build capability and deliver products and services to customers. SMEs require less bureaucratic forms of project management than their larger competitors in order to maintain advantages such as flexibility, innovation and agility. Our capability assessment addresses the balance between formal control, quality assurance, flexibility and innovation.